Thursday, October 18, 2012

Unity's David Helgason talks about Rovio's use of Unity and also the Wii U and Unity

Dave Cook recently posted an interesting interview with Unity's CEO David Helgason. Unity is a great tool for small agile game studios. Here are some quotes from Dave's post:

"Rovio, which has always been an indie company that just turned big. I don’t know how many staff they had when they made Angry Birds, but now they use Unity for Bad Piggies, and I’m sure other games down the line."

"One thing is that Nintendo will take Unity tools that we give them, and bring it to their big ecosystem of studios. Nintendo has first-party, third-party and all of the other studios that they’ve worked with for years, and they know them well.

They trust them because they know how to make awesome games for Nintendo platforms. Historically, none of these companies were using Unity, and they have the same challenges as everybody else – cost effective development and all that stuff.

So Nintendo is bringing Unity to these studios so they can build with it. The second thing that will happen is that, we turn around with the same tools and technology we’re working on, and take them to our community, which is a different one."

You can read the rest of Dave's post here.

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