Monday, October 28, 2013

Does your practice of Scrum support the ideals of Scrum? A review of The People's Scrum.

The People's Scrum is an informative and thought provoking book. The book is a series of essays from Tobias Mayer's blogs. The essays force you to take a look at your practice of Scrum and compare it to the original goals of Scrum.
In many organizations, the practice of Scrum has become a prescriptive process layered with bureaucracy. It has become the antithesis of Scrum’s original purpose. Instead of setting a group of self-organizing, self-managing developers free to create great software, it has shackled them to a stiff rule laden process that is called "Scrum" but is not Scrum.
Read Tobias Mayer's essays and compare them to your practice of Scrum. Does your practice of Scrum support the ideals of Scrum or has it become a burdensome heavyweight process forced onto teams?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Scrum Shortcuts is filled with pearls of wisdom

Ilan Goldstein's Scrum Shortcuts is filled with pearls of wisdom that will provide great advice for every Scrum Master.
The book is divided into 10 chapters which contain a total of 30 shortcuts. The shortcuts cover the the entire range of a team's adoption and practice of Scrum. Goldstein says that his shortcuts represent "an approach rather than the approach to implementing Scrum."
I really like the fact that the shortcuts were written so they could be read and used in a stand alone fashion without depending on other shortcuts. Goldstein did a very good job of pointing out many of the pain points that a team will face while implementing Scrum and providing a possible way to deal with that issue.
As I read the book, I was able to identify with many of the topics discussed and I found Goldstein's suggestions insightful and helpful. I enjoyed reading the book and I recommend it to Scrum Masters wherever they may be in their Scrum journey.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Agile Note - October 12, 2013

It is not Scrum if you have Test Sprints.
"Test sprints occur when you have several sprints of coding followed by several sprints of testing and bug fixing. Another flavor of this anti-pattern, is where the developers work in one sprint and the testers work a sprint behind."
Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners Agile Tactics, Tools, & Tips by Ilan Goldstein

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Agile Note - October 9, 2013

Scrum fails without planning
"By trading the big picture for the ability to change things quickly, many teams lead their projects very much as if they were making their way along a dark tunnel – we don't know exactly where we'll go but small steps ensure we do not fall down. "
Impact Mapping: Making a big impact with software products and projects by Gojko Adzic