Monday, October 28, 2013

Does your practice of Scrum support the ideals of Scrum? A review of The People's Scrum.

The People's Scrum is an informative and thought provoking book. The book is a series of essays from Tobias Mayer's blogs. The essays force you to take a look at your practice of Scrum and compare it to the original goals of Scrum.
In many organizations, the practice of Scrum has become a prescriptive process layered with bureaucracy. It has become the antithesis of Scrum’s original purpose. Instead of setting a group of self-organizing, self-managing developers free to create great software, it has shackled them to a stiff rule laden process that is called "Scrum" but is not Scrum.
Read Tobias Mayer's essays and compare them to your practice of Scrum. Does your practice of Scrum support the ideals of Scrum or has it become a burdensome heavyweight process forced onto teams?

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  1. Thanks for the review—and for your belief in the inherent goodness of scrum :)